Wegmans gets Sued by Walgreens Over Logo Dispute

Wegmans, Walgreens Logo Controversy

Wegmans, Walgreens Logo Controversy

When Wegmans updated its logo design back in 2008, they would not have an inkling that their logo would give somebody this much grief. Apparently Walgreens, the popular online pharmacy, weren’t too pleased about it and have sued Wegmans for infringing on their trademark. They have even asked the court to forfeit all of Wegmans’ business profits since this logo change.

Background of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Logo

2008 Beijing Summer Olympics Logo.The 2008 summer Olympics are going to start in a colorful ceremony inside Beijing’s Olympic stadium (aka the “Bird’s nest”) in a couple of hours’ time. Since we at LDN are big sports and especially Olympics fans, so we’ll take this opportunity to talk a little bit about the Beijing Olympics logo design.

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